Thredbo Accommodation and Reservations for your Ski Holiday

The widest range of Thredbo accommodation for ski holiday reservations in Thredbo and across the Snowy Mountains to suit your Thredbo winter holiday requirements. Our company specialises in the Woodridge area of Thredbo we also have properties on Crackenback Ridge. the village green and in Centre Village.

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Our Accommodation in Thredbo

thredbo1 300x200 HomeWe offer the very best Thredbo accommodation, through a range of top class facilities and properties around the area. Enjoy the natural beauty and endless year round activities around Thredbo, through our finely selected and maintained properties. Our well appointed service will ensure your stay at Thredbo is both memorable and enjoyable.

As Australia’s premier winter resort, Thredbo has a lot to offer to every discerning visitor. It is situated in the Kosciuszko National Park, on the slopes of the beautiful Snowy Mountains of New South Wales. You can enjoy the very best of winter and summer activities, in one of Australia’s most scenic and natural locations.

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Here is an overview of our properties:

All our properties have keyless entry, with most of them featuring the advanced KABA door locking and security system. Your unique door code guarantees maximum security.

80% of all properties have access to wireless internet. A complete list of those with internet access is provided. This gives you 24 HR access to all your business and personal communication.

Nespresso coffee machines are installed in 85% of all properties for your convenience.

Over 90% of all properties enjoy Austar TV via either satellite or Telstra box. This gives you access to all the entertainment you need after a long day outdoors.

Each property has its own specially fitted commercial linen of the finest quality.

Every property is provided with large bath sheets, majority of which are choice Canningvale Egyptian Cotton Bath Sheets. Our commitment to luxury and comfort ensures you never have to use cheap hire sheets and towels.

Thredbo attractions

Our full range of accommodation facilities offer you access to Thredbo’s natural attractions and beyond. There is a lot on offer to meet the discerning tastes of every visitor. Located in the picturesque Thredbo River Valley, Thredbo enjoys commanding views of the scenic peaks of the Snowy Mountains. It has the longest ski runs in the country, and features the highest overall terrain of all ski resorts in Australia. A wide variety of winter sports has made it Australia’s most famous winter paradise and resort village.

To add to this, Thredbo has many natural attractions including the famous Kosciuszko National Park, with its iconic Mt Kosciuszko. As the closet resort to the mountain, Thredbo offers the closest approach to the peak, with scenic lifts that also offer fabulous views of the valleys below.
There are several terrain parks in the area including Merrits Park, Antons Park, High Noon Park, Ridercross, and Wombats Park. These cater to every need from children’s fun activities, to challenging terrains for intermediate and experienced skiers.


Thredbo has a huge variety of both winter and summer activities. As a premier winter sports location, you can enjoy all the skiing and snowboarding on great slopes. With great outdoors, chic restaurants and a great nightlife, your stay at this resort village will be a memorable one in summer as well.

Here are a few activities you cannot afford to miss:

Bush walking and mountain biking through lovely and picturesque trails.

Kosciuszko Chairlift: Available everyday of the year, ride the 1.8km long and 560m chairlift. It is a 15 minutes spectacular ride towards Mt Kosciuszko. Enjoy fabulous views of the surrounding peaks and valleys.

Kosciuszko National Park: Enjoy a guided walk to Australia’s summit, with fantastic wildlife, flora, and geological features. Reach the summit and receive a Souvenir Certificate as a lasting testament.

Fly Fishing: The Thredbo River offers spectacular fishing, where everyone can cast a line for tasty trout. Lessons are provided for every skill level, so every family member cannot miss out.

Horse riding: There is no better way to explore the wonderful trails and views of the Snowy Mountains than on horseback. You may also travel to the nearby resorts of Perisher Valley and Jindabyne, with numerous activities and sights along the Alpine Way.


Browse through the entire property list from the menu above, and find one that matches your fancy. You will find detailed descriptions and photos of each property and their locations, along with available facilities. Alternatively, you may click through the featured chalets and apartments below, and find more information on pricing and availability by searching online.

There are honest guest reviews for each property to give you a better feel for each listing.

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