Thredbo Real Estate & Properties for Sale

The thought of owning property and or purchasing Real Estate in Thredbo Alpine Village has most probably passed the mind of nearly every summer and winter visitor to Thredbo over the past 50 years.

For most that have taken the step of purchasing the “dream holiday house” in one of Australia’s paradise locations this decision has proven to be a investment for immense pleasure and over time, capital gain.

I am confident that there are some fabulous investment opportunities here in the Thredbo if decisions are made with the head. We see the definition of fabulous investments as those that meet criteria on financial returns, room for capital growth and overall appeal. Have a look in Woodridge, or up on Crackenback Ridge. On this and following pages you will find information and pictures to help you with your initial enquiries. When you need to, just go to “send for more information “and click for more info. It’s that easy. We are pleased at all times to sit down and discuss whether you are a prospective buyer or seller, we can meet in Thredbo, Canberra or Sydney, whatever suits you.


Glenn Smith
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